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Screenshot of the first slide of a presentation by Marc Kuo, with his photograph and an inset Zoom speaker frame at the top left. The text says "Welcome! Grow your online sales with a 5-star delivery experience".

Grow Your Online Sales With A 5-Star Delivery Experience

Routific presented at Barn2Door's DIRECT Conference. We shared some best practices for growing sales with a 5-star delivery experience. Here they are.
A young woman stands beside a white van that has the words "Delivery. Always on time" written on the side. She is holding two large brown envelopes against her chest and her arms are crossed. She has silver hoop earrings and a slight smile.

Last Mile Delivery Best Practices For Local Businesses

How do you level up your home delivery if you’ve never scaled this part of your business before? Here is a list of best practices for your business.
A man in a mask and apron is placing a stack of plain brown takeout food boxes and a sealed cup into a square delivery container. The container is being held by another man wearing a red and black jacket. Stock photograph.

Three Pandemic Trends That Are Here To Stay

While the pandemic has presented some of the biggest challenges food businesses have ever faced, it’s also introduced new market trends. Here are 3.
Rear view of a person carrying a large square food delivery backpack entering an apartment complex. There is a hedge to their left with apartments behind it, apartments in front, and an area with green grass and benches to the left. Their hair is cut just above shoulder height and they are wearing a brown beanie.

How Can Retailers Work Toward Zero-Waste Delivery?

Can retailers work toward zero-waste delivery? Here's what others have done to be more sustainable.
A smiling man and woman are facing each other. She is holding a small cardboard box with a thick envelope on top. He has one hand on the envelope and another touching the box. The implication is that he is in the process of handing over the packages.

What Makes A Great Delivery Experience?

Gain a competitive edge by taking your order fulfillment and delivery in-house. Here’s what you need to make a great delivery experience for your business.
A man wearing a red T-shirt with the word "Delivery" across the front stands at the open door of a van. He is holding a small package and looking at his watch.

What Is The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)?

The Vehicle Routing Problem is everywhere, and solving it is critical in helping to facilitate the movement of goods and services through local delivery.
Screenshot of a Google Maps page highlighting the city of Chicago.

How To Optimize Delivery Routes With Google Maps

Learn how to plan and optimize your routes for multiple stops with Google Maps. And when you should use an alternative. Find out more!
A young man holding a cup looks at an open laptop screen. His expression is happy and excited.

How To Improve Your Last Mile Delivery Tracking

What is last mile delivery tracking? We break down the components needed to improve delivery tracking for your home delivery business.
Aerial view of a cloverleaf intersection.

A Beginner’s Guide To Vehicle Fleet Management

Taking the time to organize and manage your vehicle fleet operations and follow some best practices is easier than you think. Let us show you how!