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 driver wearing a red shirt and brown baseball cap checks his phone while parked in his white delivery van.

The Best Cars For Delivery Drivers In 2023

Need the perfect car for your delivery job? Our list of the best cars for delivery drivers in 2023 considers factors like fuel efficiency, cargo space, and value.
Stock photo of young people around a conference table. A man and a woman are shaking hands across the table.

How To Start A Courier Business: 4 Essential Steps

Four essential steps to starting a successful, profitable courier business. A roadmap to help you get off the ground, with concrete tips to scale efficiently.
A delivery driver carries an insulated Walden Local bag from their company-branded delivery van to a customer’s door.

Walden Local Expands Home Delivery With Intelligent Route Optimization

How direct-to-consumer food delivery service Walden Local used Routific to improve their delivery efficiency and lower cost per delivery.
A bicycle delivery rider on a busy, well-lit urban street at night.

What Is Last Mile Delivery? Challenges And Solutions For Businesses In 2023

Boost last mile delivery efficiency: optimize routes, cut costs, enhance customer satisfaction. Keep up with trends & tech for sustainable, effective options.
A young man holding a cup looks at an open laptop screen. His expression is happy and excited.

What is Last Mile Delivery Tracking?

What is last mile delivery tracking? We break down the components needed to improve delivery tracking for your home delivery business.
Two men in blue delivery uniforms position a new TV on a wall

Understanding White Glove Delivery: What Is It, And Who Should Use It In Their Business?

A white glove delivery service can help businesses boost customer satisfaction, reduce damage risk, and gain a competitive edge.
A large warehouse with boxes and other containers stacked on pallets and shelves.

Choosing The Right Dispatch System in 2023: Centralized Or Decentralized?

Choosing the right dispatch system can be challenging. This guide outlines the benefits and drawbacks of centralized and decentralized dispatch for last-mile delivery in 2023.
Empty supermarket shelves with a note to customers that "due to high demand, these items will be limited to two per customer".

5 Inventory Management Tips To Avoid Stockouts

Our top 5 tips to avoid stockouts: track inventory, forecast demand, work with reliable vendors, establish a backup plan, and optimize internal processes.
A young man carries a red courier box labeled “Citytrans” from a white delivery van.

Courier Management Systems: All The Basics For 2023

The right courier management system can help a company stay competitive. Here’s what to look for, from route optimization to delivery tracking.