Suzanne Ma

Suzanne Ma is a former journalist and published author turned co-founder at Routific, a route optimization platform. She loves to capture inspiring stories from small business entrepreneurs, and share their journeys of growth alongside Routific. As a Product Marketer, she ensures that the community stays up to date on the latest innovations at Routific.

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Close-up shot of a driver’s hands and the steering wheel of their vehicle. The phone in the driver’s left hand displays the “Routific for drivers” app starting screen.

Hand Up Toronto Uses Route Optimization To Help Feed Families

Hand Up Toronto partnered with Routific to optimize delivery routes, improve volunteer experience, and feed more families in need.
Illustration of an excel spreadsheet going into Google Maps to plan delivery routes manually.

3 Ways To Plan A Delivery Route With Excel

A practical guide to planning delivery routes using Excel or Google Sheets. Use spreadsheets alone, or combine with Google Maps or route planning software.
A delivery driver carries an insulated Walden Local bag from their company-branded delivery van to a customer’s door.

Walden Local Expands Home Delivery With Intelligent Route Optimization

How direct-to-consumer food delivery service Walden Local used Routific to improve their delivery efficiency and lower cost per delivery.
Q&A with Routific's Customer Support Lead

How Routific Maintains 98% Customer Satisfaction

Routific’s Customer Support Lead, Sophie Ellis, shares how the team keeps customers happy
Sarah Kelvin-Davies and her son, Carter.

Why Working Moms are Superheros

A conversation about maternity leave, returning to work, and how we can lift one another up.
Graphic with the logos of Onfleet, Routific, Tookan and Bringg.

Onfleet Competitors: 4 Alternatives Compared

You’ve probably realized there are a ton of Onfleet competitors out there. Who are they, and how does Onfleet compare?
Photograph of the Routific team at a picnic and volleyball day in Vancouver. A "Great Places to Work" logo is overlaid.

Routific Is Officially A Great Place To Work

Routific has been certified as one of Canada's Great Places to Work, with a whopping 98% trust index score.
A young woman stands beside a white van that has the words "Delivery. Always on time" written on the side. She is holding two large brown envelopes against her chest and her arms are crossed. She has silver hoop earrings and a slight smile.

Last Mile Delivery Best Practices For Local Businesses

How do you level up your home delivery if you’ve never scaled this part of your business before? Here is a list of best practices for your business.
A man in a mask and apron is placing a stack of plain brown takeout food boxes and a sealed cup into a square delivery container. The container is being held by another man wearing a red and black jacket. Stock photograph.

Three Pandemic Trends That Are Here To Stay

While the pandemic has presented some of the biggest challenges food businesses have ever faced, it’s also introduced new market trends. Here are 3.