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Marc Kuo

Marc Kuo is the Founder & CEO of Routific, a route optimization platform for small businesses. Our mission is to green the planet by reducing the mileage and fuel consumption of delivery fleets. With over a decade of experience in the last-mile industry, he has advised hundreds of delivery businesses on their route planning and delivery operations.

Published stories
Simple illustration showing a delivery truck and the words "Google Maps Route Planner for Deliveries".
Google Maps Route Planner For Deliveries
Google Maps can be a great free delivery route planner for small delivery businesses. Here's how to use it effectively.
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Simple illustration showing three looped routes converging at a single centre point. The image is largely decorative.
What Is Route Optimization?
Route optimization is not just finding the shortest distance between two points. Find out what route optimization is, who can benefit and what to look for.
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A man is holding a large, flat Amazon-branded package under his arm. Only his hand and forearm are visible.
How Small Businesses Can Compete With Amazon Prime
Customers are expecting more from their delivery experience than ever before due to the Amazon Effect – even from small, local delivery businesses.
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Screenshot of a Google Maps page highlighting the city of Chicago.
How To Optimize Delivery Routes With Google Maps
Learn how to plan and optimize your routes for multiple stops with Google Maps. And when you should use an alternative. Find out more!
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Screenshot of the first slide of a presentation by Marc Kuo, with his photograph and an inset Zoom speaker frame at the top left. The text says "Welcome! Grow your online sales with a 5-star delivery experience".
Grow Your Online Sales With A 5-Star Delivery Experience
Routific presented at Barn2Door's DIRECT Conference. We shared some best practices for growing sales with a 5-star delivery experience. Here they are.
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A man wearing a red T-shirt with the word "Delivery" across the front stands at the open door of a van. He is holding a small package and looking at his watch.
What Is The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)?
The Vehicle Routing Problem is everywhere, and solving it is critical in helping to facilitate the movement of goods and services through local delivery.
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Routific founder Marc Kuo makes some notes on a whiteboard.
The Innovators: Routific Finds Its Way Around The Pandemic
With its promise to optimize delivery of goods, the Vancouver software company's customer base more than doubled in the months after COVID-19 hit
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Photograph of a small brown cardboard box with a delivery sticker, being handed from one person to another. Only their hands and forearms are visible.
Mapquest Route Planner For Deliveries
Mapquest Route Planner can help small home delivery businesses optimize their delivery schedules. Here's how you can make the most of this tool.
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Aerial view of a busy urban intersection. Three are six lanes of traffic in one direction and 11 in the other, including dedicated bus lanes.
6 Ways Your Delivery Fleet Can Lower Its Carbon Footprint
Do you have a small delivery fleet? It's easier than you think to lower your carbon foot print. Advice from leaders in fleet management and delivery.
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Illustration showing a black model car sitting on a terrain map of northern Europe.
Solving The Travelling Salesman Problem For Deliveries
The Travelling Salesman Problem is the challenge of finding the shortest, most efficient route for a person to take around a list of specific destinations.
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Aerial photograph of a pine forest.
How Delivery Businesses Are Fighting Climate Change
If you are still manually planning your routes, you can plant 86 trees a year for every driver that you employ. But how?
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Photograph of a rural scene that suggests the Alps. In the foreground is a green meadow with a scattering of purple wildflowers and some trees, sloping down to a collection of small huts or cabins on a piece of level ground. In the background are snow-capped mountains.
How Route Optimization Impacts Our Earth
This Earth Day, Team Routific is celebrating the huge impact route optimization is having on our planet.
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Photograph of cars, taxis and buses entered Hong Kong's Cross-Harbour Tunnel on a heavily congested seven-lane highway.
From Banking To Coding: Why I Started An ‘Impact’ Business
Marc Kuo's story of how his dream for less congestion, less wasted fuel and bluer skies led him to start Routific.
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Photograph of a young woman with a clipboard. In the background is a red brick wall.
Why Your Delivery Business Needs Route Optimization
Letting an algorithm do the heavy lifting doesn’t just give you better performance—it gives you peace of mind that your drivers are on the right path.
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PIcture of the starting line on an athletics track, taken from close to the ground. The numbers 3 2 1 are painted in the three lanes we can see. In the background is short grass.
Make Your Route Optimization Strategy 10X More Efficient
Increased efficiency is the outcome that will drive your business forward. Discover how to make your route optimization strategy more efficient!
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Photograph of a man in a Fedex uniform carrying a stack of boxes. In the background is a branded FedEx Ground delivery truck.
How Do Couriers Like FedEx Plan Their Routes?
FedEx delivers 3.4 million packages in the U.S. every single day . Let's see what we can learn when it comes to managing home delivery logistics.
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Tightly framed photograph of produce shelves in a supermarket. On the shelves are leafy greens, radishes and beets.
Outsourcing Courier Service: Should You Do It?
Should I outsource courier service? Small businesses & startups will ponder this question when they’re just figuring out their business model. Learn more!
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Photograph of a man holding a large, flat Amazon delivery box under his arm. The photograph is taken from the side and tightly cropped so that only his hand and forearm visible.
How Can I Deliver a Better Experience Than Amazon Prime?
Amazon is undoubtedly setting the bar very high in the home delivery industry. As a business owner, I can empathize that this can be a very scary thing.
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Photograph of the Routific team.
The Importance Of Startup Culture
When Yoav Lurie raised $6 million in Series B funding, he quickly grew his team from 20 to more than 60 people in a matter of months. Find out more!
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Decorative photograph showing field of tulips in multiple colours, with three windmills in the background.
The Efficient Startup
Your team is your company’s most crucial asset. Every investor will tell you this. The first thing they look for is a solid team. Find out more!
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Illustration showing an open Macbook on a wooden table. The background is blurred out but it appears to show chalk markings on an old-fashioned blackboard.
Interviewing With A Tech Startup: Advice for PhDs
We've interviewed dozens of PhDs. Here are our top tips for nailing a startup job interview. Spoiler alert: be open to collaboration!
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Photograph of a contemporary office environment: open plant, long white desks, lots of plants. People are seated working at computers. The photo is taken from a high angle, probably by someone standing on one of the desks.
The Next Phase For Struggling On-Demand Startups
The on-demand business model is a bust. A new generation of delivery businesses are adopting a scheduled approach and vying for a chance to be profitable.
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Photograph showing hands on a laptop keyboard.
Build Or Buy? The Pros And Cons Of Using APIs
Who would a business choose an API instead of building their own software? Our infographic shows the decision process.
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Photograph of taxis on a New York street.
Taxi Dispatch Algorithms: Why Route Optimization Reigns
Recently, I encountered an irresistible coding challenge put out by Local Motion: it’s a realistic simulation of the taxi dispatch problem. Find out more!
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Mainly decorative image, showing disassembled components of a circuit board arranged on a white background.
Don’t Build It In-House, There's An API For That
If you’re looking to build a commodity feature, there’s probably an API for that — and that API will most likely be better than what you can produce.
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Screenshot of a Hacker News dashboard page. The number of visits jumps from 0 on March 27 to around 3,000 each on March 28 and 29, before slowly tailing off.
What 61 Points On Hacker News Did For My Startup
Hacker News is not just a sinkhole for your morning’s productivity. I discovered it is a great platform to launch your startup.
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