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Pam Sykes

Pam Sykes has a PhD in History and a background in Journalism. She is the Lead Content Strategist at Routific with a focus on delivery management, delivery experience, route planning, and the last-mile industry in general. She has a passion to help delivery businesses scale with her craft of storytelling.

Published stories
Photograph of a young woman at her front door signing to accept a parcel from a delivery man.
Route Planning Tips For Small Businesses
Five top tips for more efficient, more profitable route planning—from business owners who've learned for themselves.
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Simple illustration of a stylized road with route markers along it. Text reads "How to plan a route with multiple stops in Google Maps".
How To Use Google Maps As A Route Planner
Google Maps is a great route planner for A-to-B trips, but what about longer routes? Here's how to plan a multi-stop route in Google Maps Route Planner.
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Simple illustration showing a gas pump and a van with an open fuel cap. Instead of pumping fuel in, the pump is sucking money out.
How To Cut Gas Costs In Your Delivery Business
Last mile delivery businesses are facing huge gas price increases. Here are some ways to keep costs down, while also keeping customers & drivers happy.
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Graph ranking different route planning apps according to their Capterra rating (vertical axis) and route efficiency (horizontal axis).
Best Delivery Route Planner Apps in 2022: Review
We’ve done the hard work and reviewed the best delivery route planning software available in 2022 to help you find the right fit for your business.
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Simple illustration showing logos of apps reviewed in this post: MapQuest,, TruckRouter, RouteXL, SpeedyRoute, RAC Route Planner and Google Maps.
Best Free Route Planners With Unlimited Stops in 2022
What is the best free route planning software with unlimited stops? We review the leading apps and make recommendations for different needs.
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Four bowls of yoghurt topped with fruit and granola sit on a rough-textured wooden table alongside spoons, a knife and a round sticker with the Terra Firma Farm logo. The photograph is taken from directly above.
How One Small Farm Scaled Deliveries To 1,000 A Month
Brie Casadei talks about using Routific to grow her delivery business from 80 deliveries a month to nearly 1000, while staying connected to her customers.
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An unmarked white delivery van is parked on a suburban street with its rear doors open. A young man in jeans, white shirt and a black baseball cap is carrying a stack of four plain brown cardboard boxes.
Last Mile Delivery Guide 2021 : Unblock Your Growth
Last mile delivery is the most expensive part of the supply chain, accounting for 40-50% of total shipping costs. Learn how route optimization can help.
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View from the rear drivers-side corner of a white delivery van parked on a suburban street. A man in jeans, puffer jacket, baseball cap and mask is carrying a brown paper bag and looking across the front of the vehicle towards a house.
How To Improve Pickup And Delivery For Your Customers
Effective order pick up and delivery operations make for happy customers and a healthy bottom line. Learn how to improve yours and reap the benefits.
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A smiling man and woman are facing each other. She is holding a small cardboard box with a thick envelope on top. He has one hand on the envelope and another touching the box. The implication is that he is in the process of handing over the packages.
What Makes A Great Delivery Experience?
Gain a competitive edge by taking your order fulfillment and delivery in-house. Here’s what you need to make a great delivery experience for your business.
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A young man holding a cup looks at an open laptop screen. His expression is happy and excited.
How To Improve Your Last Mile Delivery Tracking
What is last mile delivery tracking? We break down the components needed to improve delivery tracking for your home delivery business.
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Aerial view of a cloverleaf intersection.
A Beginner’s Guide To Vehicle Fleet Management
Taking the time to organize and manage your vehicle fleet operations and follow some best practices is easier than you think. Let us show you how!
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A delivery driver stands outside his vehicle holding a large cardboard box. He is wearing a mask and gloves.
What Is No Contact Delivery?
The demand for no contact delivery has increased. How do home delivery businesses execute no contact delivery successfully?
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A delivery van drives down a narrow city street lined with stone buildings.
What Is Last Mile Delivery: Challenges and Solutions
What is last mile delivery? It's the part where goods are taken from a business warehouse or hub to be delivered to a final destination.
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Shot of a man in a white shirt tapping on a cellphone screen. Only his torso and arms are visible.
How Automated Notifications Can Improve Your Deliveries
Automated delivery notifications serve a number of purposes for small businesses. Here are some of the biggest reasons why our customers use this feature
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A large pile of stacked packages ready for delivery. The boxes are diverse in size, colour, shape and branding.
How SMBs Can Prepare For The 2021 Online Holiday Rush
2021 will be the biggest holiday season ever for online shopping, and not just for the big guys. Here’s how to ensure you can keep your promises to customers.
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Side view photograph of a white delivery van. It's decorated with an image of red apples and the words " Local | Organic | GMO Free. Groceries and produce delivered."
How To Grow Your Online Grocery Delivery Business
The pandemic has taught grocers to be flexible and to adapt. Let's see how you can profitably grow your online grocery business operations.
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Composite graphic showing two different views of Routific route planning software. At the top is an over-the-shoulder view of a man looking at laptop screen displaying an optimized delivery route. At the bottom is a closeup of a phone in a driver's hand, showing a route and details of a stop.
6 Ways To Reduce Last Mile Delivery Costs
Mismanaging last mile delivery can cost a small business. Big time. We outline six ways to lower deliver costs and improve your bottom line.
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Stock photograph showing a calculator, notebook and pen resting on a scattered pile of banknotes.
A Primer On Small Business Loans
Short term loans give you cash flow to cover the cost of raw products, payroll, rent, fuel, and other delivery costs which can be difficult to maintain.
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Stock photograph of a large long-distance truck on a road. Blurred lines suggest it is moving fast.
4 Ways IoT Sensors Can Improve Fleet Performance
In addition to GPS tracking and route optimization, there are many other ways IoT-connected sensors can help improve fleet performance.
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Stock photo showing a calculator and a pen sitting on a piece of paper marked with a grid.
Trucking Cost per Mile Calculator: Free Spreadsheet
As a delivery business, it's crucial to know what your costs per mile are. Here's some guidance and a free calculator to help you manage your costs.
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Group of six people seated around a table, all looking at their laptops.
Last Mile Delivery Cost: A Small Business Guide
Local delivery for small businesses sounds simple enough, but did you know you should actually use a last mile delivery model? Keep reading to learn how.
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Close-up photograph of an iPhone in a woman's hands.
Delight Your Customers With SMS Notifications
Automatically send notifications to your customers to let them know when to expect a delivery, when it’s on its way, and when it’s been delivered.
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Mainly decorative image of a clock.
How To Offer Convenient Delivery Time Windows
Discover how to offer convenient delivery time windows to your customers without upsetting your drivers.
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Photograph of a bearded delivery truck driver in a dark blue beanie, taken from the passenger seat of the truck. One hand is on the steering wheel and he's consulting a mobile phone held in the other hand.
How To Retain Delivery Drivers
The cost of employee turnover — just to replace them — can cost somewhere between 16% to 20% of their annual salaries.
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Photograph of a large long-distance truck, taken from the front of the vehicle.
Daimler’s Self-Driving Truck Can Help Unclog Highways
They are one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers. They’re also running some rad experiments in the realm of self-driving trucks.
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