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Suzanne Ma

Suzanne Ma is a former journalist and published author turned co-founder at Routific, a route optimization platform. She loves to capture inspiring stories from small business entrepreneurs, and share their journeys of growth alongside Routific. As a Product Marketer, she ensures that the community stays up to date on the latest innovations at Routific.

Published stories
Graphic with the logos of Onfleet, Routific, Tookan and Bringg.
Onfleet Competitors: 4 Alternatives Compared
You’ve probably realized there are a ton of Onfleet competitors out there. Who are they, and how does Onfleet compare?
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Photograph of the Routific team at a picnic and volleyball day in Vancouver. A "Great Places to Work" logo is overlaid.
Routific Is Officially A Great Place To Work
Routific has been certified as one of Canada's Great Places to Work, with a whopping 98% trust index score.
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Simple illustration. A few lines of a spreadsheet are shown in the backround. In the foreground is a photograph of a novelty mug with the words "I hate spreadsheets".
3 Ways To Plan A Delivery Route With Excel
A practical guide to planning delivery routes using excel. Use spreadsheets to create driver territories or upload to route optimization software.
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A young woman stands beside a white van that has the words "Delivery. Always on time" written on the side. She is holding two large brown envelopes against her chest and her arms are crossed. She has silver hoop earrings and a slight smile.
Last Mile Delivery Best Practices For Local Businesses
How do you level up your home delivery if you’ve never scaled this part of your business before? Here is a list of best practices for your business.
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A man in a mask and apron is placing a stack of plain brown takeout food boxes and a sealed cup into a square delivery container. The container is being held by another man wearing a red and black jacket. Stock photograph.
Three Pandemic Trends That Are Here To Stay
While the pandemic has presented some of the biggest challenges food businesses have ever faced, it’s also introduced new market trends. Here are 3.
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Rear view of a person carrying a large square food delivery backpack entering an apartment complex. There is a hedge to their left with apartments behind it, apartments in front, and an area with green grass and benches to the left. Their hair is cut just above shoulder height and they are wearing a brown beanie.
How Can Retailers Work Toward Zero-Waste Delivery?
Can retailers work toward zero-waste delivery? Here's what others have done to be more sustainable and meet increasing customer demand for greener deliveries.
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Stock photograph. In the foreground, a woman's hand holds up a cellphone with the words "Online Grocery" visible on the screen. In the blurred background, a man in a motorcycle helmet and jacket holds an open cardboard box full of fresh produce.
How Home Deliveries Change The Online Shopping Experience
The pandemic has spawned innovation in the world of e-commerce and transportation. Here’s what you can expect to see more of in 2021.
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Side view of an open laptop with a cup of coffee in the background. A woman is touching the keyboard with one hand and holding a phone in the other. Only her hands are visible.
What Is GPS Tracking? 5 Common Questions Answered
Many elements make up modern-day GPS, and understanding each element can help you get the most out of this useful business tool.
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Stock photo of young people around a conference table. A man and a woman are shaking hands across the table.
How To Start A Successful Courier Business
The demand for local courier services is here! Here’s how you can start a successful courier business and make it profitable.
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A man sealing a large cardboard box with packing tape.
Fixing The Last Mile Delivery Problem For Local Businesses
Are you a business delivering food, flowers, or furniture? Learn how you can ensure everything is delivered on time and in perfect condition.
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A man in a white shirt and brown baseball cap makes a note on a clipboard. He is standing at the open door of a delivery van full of plain, unbranded cardboard boxes.
Top Last-Mile Delivery Companies
Grow your revenue by delivering straight to the customer's door. Choosing the right last-mile delivery company is essential to your small business’ success.
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Stock photograph of a pile of fresh produce. A woman's hands in gardening gloves appear to be placing an onion on the pile. Also visible are tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cabbage and potatoes.
COVID-19 Bolsters Support For Local Food Systems
The local food movement is undergoing a renaissance thanks to COVID-19, with local farms, producers, and CSAs seeing a significant uptick in demand.
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Photograph of a young woman wearing a square food delivery backpack and holding a bicycle.
How To Work Towards Zero-Waste Grocery Delivery
There is a trend of grocery retailers moving toward a zero-waste delivery. Here’s what we’ve learned from businesses already working toward that mission.
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Photograph of a row of beer taps.
Building Profitable Deliveries In A Pandemic
We’ve been working with 100+ craft breweries, helping them pivot their operation to start up or scale up home delivery. Find out how we've done it here.
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A masked woman sitting in the driver's seat of a car, looking at a cellphone screen showing details of a delivery stop.
Delivering Thanksgiving With The LeBron James Family Foundation
The LeBron James Family Foundation used Routific to deliver turkeys and everything needed for a hearty Thanksgiving feast to 4,500+ students and families.
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Decorative graphic showing app icons.
2020 Features Summary
Our favorite feature releases from 2020 were widely requested by our users: A new driver app, and photo capture as proof-of-delivery.
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Close-up shot of a basket of vegetables. It contains corn, squash, carrots and zucchini.
Helping Farmers And Food Hubs With Deliveries
Local Food Marketplace has partnered with Routific. Learn how the two platforms help farms and food hubs grow their online sales profitably.
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Photograph of fresh produce displayed in baskets.
Post-Pandemic Grocery Shopping
Whether it’s online, delivery, curbside pickup or BOPIS, here’s how a global pandemic has forever shifted the way consumers shop for groceries.
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Photograph of a display screen inside a vehicle, showing route navigation details.
The Best GPS Apps For Delivery Drivers In 2021
Businesses that deliver packages need the right tools for their drivers while en route. Here's a review of the most popular delivery driver apps.
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Graphic with the words "New Routific Driver's App" and two iPhone screenshots. One shows a mapped route, another shows a list of delivery stops.
Routific Launches New Driver App
Routific's new driver app includes two most requested features: Live GPS tracking and photo capture as proof of delivery.
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Photograph of a smiling, short-haired woman wearing glasses and a floral shirt. She is standing outside a building with the words "The Hill Station" over the entrance.
Feeding The Hill With Optimized Home Deliveries
Feed the Hill was a small initiative to deliver meal-boxes. It's grown quite a bit, thanks to Routific and the ability to optimize home deliveries.
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Aerial photograph of New York City.
Fleet Maintenance Is Critical For Your Delivery Business
Small delivery businesses depend on vehicles to transport goods to their final destination. How do you ensure your delivery fleet is operating at 100%?
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Photograph of a young man wearing a mask and an apron. He is handing a large red food delivery container to another man in a red and black jacket.
How Food Delivery Businesses Are Operating During COVID-19
While most small businesses are getting hit hard by COVID-19, food delivery businesses are seeing a surge in activity.
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Graphic with the words "Best e-commerce platforms for small business" and logos for Squarespace, Shopify, WooCommerce and Wix.
Best 4 E-Commerce Platforms For Small Businesses In 2021
Looking to bring your small business online? The information out there can be overwhelming, so we've done the research and saved you hours of homework.
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Group photograph of ten cheerful-looking people posed in front of a exterior wall painted chocolate brown with circular details in lighter colours. Most of them are wearing black T-shirts with the words "The Foodery Boston".
How To Start A (Successful) Meal Prep Business?
Are you looking to start a profitable meal prep business? In this article, we give you advice and strategies from a food delivery pro.
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Image of a bento box containing brown rice, chickpeas and vegetable curry. It's garnished with avocado slices and a quartered lemon.
Food Delivery Logistics: Starting A Delivery Business
When it comes to food delivery, your operations can make or break your business. Discover the logistics of a profitable food delivery business model.
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Simple illustration showing a group of people sitting around a conference table.
How To Run Efficient Meetings
The standard advice about meetings isn’t wrong but everyone knows that everyone hates meetings. So why does no one seem to know what to do about it?
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Close up photograph of a man's hands on a keyboard.
Veteran Delivery Drivers Listen To Routing Algorithms
An interview with Peter Levitt, owner and general manager of Autoshred on how his team of veteran delivery drivers are using routing algorithms.
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Map of a Pokemon Go collection route around San Francisco.
The Fastest Way To Catch Pokémon: With Route Optimization
Everywhere around us, people are hunting down Pokémon. We’ve come up with the fastest, most efficient way to start your Pokémon collection. Find out more!
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