Feeding The Hill With Optimized Home Deliveries

July 2, 2020
Photograph of a smiling, short-haired woman wearing glasses and a floral shirt. She is standing outside a building with the words "The Hill Station" over the entrance.

When times are tough, people come together. And we've been empowering non-profits to help their communities, in whatever way we can.

Bold Vision, a UK-based charity, started an initiative called Feed the Hill in the neighbourhood of Telegraph Hill, located in South East London. When Covid-19 forced the shutdown of local stores and marketplaces, there was a surge in community need for fresh produce. Feed the Hill is a community response to Covid-19, and they used Routific to organize their fleet of volunteer drivers. 

The initiative focuses on distributing food to those made vulnerable by the pandemic. As the emergency accelerates and more people lose income, the project scales up, extending its reach and offering more support for those in need. Routific helps Feed the Hill by producing optimized home deliveries and routes for their drivers, helping them reach more people.

If you're interested in trying Routific, we offer a risk-free 7 day trial. No credit card required. 
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Suzanne Ma
Suzanne Ma is a former journalist and published author turned co-founder at Routific, a route optimization platform. She loves to capture inspiring stories from small business entrepreneurs, and share their journeys of growth alongside Routific. As a Product Marketer, she ensures that the community stays up to date on the latest innovations at Routific.

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