Routific Launches New Driver App

July 6, 2020
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Two of the most requested features from our customers have been Live GPS Tracking for drivers and Photo Capture as proof of delivery. We heard you.

Routific customers can now track their drivers in real time and collect photos as proof of delivery by downloading the new driver app from the App Store or Google Play Store. In addition to new features, the app comes with a new look-n-feel that your drivers will love!

New Routific Driver app features

  • Live GPS Tracking - Our traditional web-based driver app, now called Routific Driver Lite, updates routes whenever a driver marks their status at each stop. Our new Routific Driver app takes this one step further and tracks the driver’s live GPS location throughout their entire route 
  • Photo Capture - Sometimes your customers aren’t home and your drivers may leave a package by the back door or on the porch. Now drivers can take a photo of where they left a package as proof of delivery. With photo capture you elevate your customer service, everyone stays accountable, and your drivers speed up their efficiency – what’s not to love?

What our customers are saying about the new mobile app

"Yes! The new app is great and apparently works faster for the drivers. Also it is easier to upload pictures after having delivered to a customer."

"Just for the record, the mobile app works and feels much better than the web app, congratulations!"

“I really liked that the app automatically logs off the driver (in [another platform], my drivers sometimes forgot to ‘sign off’ and then would just stay online, which is a privacy concern because it could tell the dispatcher a lot about their private life…)”

Routific Driver vs. Routific Driver Lite - What's Different?

Our traditional web-based driver app is now called "Routific Driver Lite". 

Still love our web-based driver app? No problem!

We know that some of our customers will still want to use the old web-based driver app, now called Routific Driver Lite. You will have the option to switch back and forth between these two apps to see which one you prefer. 

How to get started

  1. Login or signup to Routific
  2. Switch to the new Routific Driver app 
  3. Dispatch as usual to your drivers
  4. Your drivers will receive an SMS link with their routes like usual. If they haven't already downloaded the Routific Driver app, the link will open the App Store or Google Play Store.
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Suzanne Ma
Suzanne Ma is a former journalist and published author turned co-founder at Routific, a route optimization platform. She loves to capture inspiring stories from small business entrepreneurs, and share their journeys of growth alongside Routific. As a Product Marketer, she ensures that the community stays up to date on the latest innovations at Routific.

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