Understanding White Glove Delivery: What Is It, And Who Should Use It In Their Business?

April 19, 2023

Did you know that 68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand known to offer great customer service experiences? Providing the best customer service is key to staying ahead of the competition — and offering a white glove delivery service is one way to stand out.  

White glove delivery is a type of delivery service that ensures all customers receive their products with the highest level of care. It’s a personalized delivery model that can help set your business apart, creating a more positive customer experience. Read on to learn more!

What Is White Glove Delivery Service?

White glove delivery is a premium service that goes beyond standard delivery methods and provides a higher level of service . It means handling and transporting freight with extreme care. It can also include installation, assembly, and removal of packaging materials. The aim is to offer a high level of convenience and attention to detail, so that customers can receive their products with ease.

A pile of empty cardboard boxes left on a curbside for collection.
Customers may be prepared to pay for a service that removes their empty packaging for proper recycling or disposal.  |  Photo by Wenniel Lun on Unsplash

Services that are typically included in white glove delivery include:

  • Product installation, set-up, and assembly.
  • Removing packaging materials and disposing of old products.
  • Delivery scheduling tailored to specific customer needs, including after-hours and weekend delivery options.
  • Inside delivery — in other words, taking deliveries past the front door and into their final desired place. 
  • Placing products in the customer’s desired space in the home or office.
  • White-glove handling, which involves additional packaging and protection for fragile or valuable items.

The benefits of white glove delivery service

It does cost a business more to offer white glove delivery. But there are several benefits that make it a worthwhile investment, including:

Better customer experience

White glove delivery service offers your customers VIP treatment. They'll love the special attention and care for their packages, which can lead to repeat business and positive reviews. 88% of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services. Would you rather deal with a business that provides basic delivery, or one that goes above and beyond to ensure your products are safely installed and assembled where you want them?

Less risk of damage

A white-glove delivery service can offer better protection for fragile shipments | Photo by RODNAE Productions

With white glove delivery service, items are handled with greater care and attention. This can help reduce the risk of damage during transportation. When items are received in good condition, customers will be more satisfied with their purchase. This is especially important for high-level or luxury items that require extra care.

Increased customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is everything, right? With white glove delivery service, the extra level of service can lead to positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.

For example, Empire Furniture provides a white-glove delivery service by equipping its drivers with critical delivery information such as building plans, door access, and customer preferences. This information is included in their Routific route plans, allowing drivers to access it easily through a mobile app. By using a points system to estimate time on site for each delivery, Empire can provide accurate ETAs, leading to happier customers.

💡Routific’s delivery management software includes flexible ETA calculation and automated customer notifications along with route optimization. You can try it for 7 days free! 

Competitive advantage

With tons of companies offering delivery services nowadays, it’s important to stand out from the competition. Offering white glove shipping services is one way to do just that. For example, if you provide a delivery team that takes the utmost care to deliver high-value items to your customer’s home, including drop-off and unpacking services, you’re sure to be in the forefront of your customer's mind over your competitors.

Higher margins

White glove delivery cost is higher — but these additional costs can be more than offset by the resulting increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. With higher conversion rates, repeat customers, and reduced returns, white glove delivery can be a great way to boost your bottom line. And some customers will be prepared to pay more for it. 

What companies should use white glove delivery services?

White glove delivery service is for any company that wants to provide exceptional customer service, whether you’re offering food delivery or shipping medical equipment. However, there are a few industries where white-glove service is especially valuable:

  • Furniture Companies: Furniture is often bulky and fragile, making it difficult to transport without the risk of damage. White glove delivery services can help ensure that fine furniture is delivered to customers safely, with assembly services available if needed.
  • Art Dealers and Galleries: Transporting fragile items, such as valuable artwork, requires the highest level of care and protection. White glove delivery services provide climate-controlled transportation, security features, and specialized handling for these delicate items.
  • Electronics Companies: High-end electronics, such as home entertainment systems, require careful handling during transportation to prevent damage. White glove delivery services are well suited for companies that offer large or bulky electronics like these, with specialized handling and setup available upon delivery.
  • Luxury Goods Companies: Companies that specialize in luxury goods, such as jewelry, designer clothing, or watches, can greatly benefit from white glove delivery services. These services offer a level of premium, personalized service and protection for valuable, high-end items being transported.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, white glove delivery has become an essential service for those who value providing peace of mind and special care to their customers when it comes to shipping large items such as home appliances, refrigerators, or other high-quality items. With faster delivery times, interior designers, movers, shippers, and online retailers have all benefited from the additional services offered by a white glove delivery service provider. From protective packaging and bubble wrap to real-time notifications and product assembly, the delivery driver ensures that the item arrives safe and sound during the last mile of the shipping process.

White glove delivery offers customers a stress-free experience that goes beyond just getting an item from point A to point B. Its popularity continues to grow due to the exceptional level of service it provides, making it the preferred choice for companies who need to be sure that their products will arrive safely and on time. With white glove delivery, customers can rest assured knowing that their item is in good hands, no matter what its size or fragility.

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