Delivery Management

Delivery management is the process of executing on your planned deliveries as efficiently as possible. Topics we cover include dispatching, driver management, communications, GPS tracking, and reporting.

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A man in a white shirt and brown baseball cap makes a note on a clipboard. He is standing at the open door of a delivery van full of plain, unbranded cardboard boxes.

Top Last-Mile Delivery Companies

A guide to choosing the right last-mile delivery partner for your e-commerce businesses, with a shortlist of seven well-known brands to choose from.
A large pile of stacked packages ready for delivery. The boxes are diverse in size, colour, shape and branding.

How SMBs Can Prepare For The 2021 Online Holiday Rush

2021 will be the biggest holiday season ever for online shopping, and not just for the big guys. Here’s how to ensure you can keep your promises to customers.
Side view photograph of a white delivery van. It's decorated with an image of red apples and the words " Local | Organic | GMO Free. Groceries and produce delivered."

How To Grow Your Online Grocery Delivery Business

The pandemic has taught grocers to be flexible and to adapt. Let's see how you can profitably grow your online grocery business operations.
Photograph of fresh produce displayed in baskets.

Post-Pandemic Grocery Shopping

Whether it’s online, delivery, curbside pickup or BOPIS, here’s how a global pandemic has forever shifted the way consumers shop for groceries.
Photograph of a display screen inside a vehicle, showing route navigation details.

The 4 Best GPS Apps For Delivery Drivers

Businesses that deliver packages need the right tools for their drivers while en route. Here's a review of the most popular delivery driver apps.
Composite graphic showing two different views of Routific route planning software. At the top is an over-the-shoulder view of a man looking at laptop screen displaying an optimized delivery route. At the bottom is a closeup of a phone in a driver's hand, showing a route and details of a stop.

6 Ways To Reduce Last Mile Delivery Costs

Mismanaging last mile delivery can cost a small business. Big time. We outline six ways to lower deliver costs and improve your bottom line.
Stock photograph showing a calculator, notebook and pen resting on a scattered pile of banknotes.

A Primer On Small Business Loans

Short term loans give you cash flow to cover the cost of raw products, payroll, rent, fuel, and other delivery costs which can be difficult to maintain.
Stock photograph of a large long-distance truck on a road. Blurred lines suggest it is moving fast.

4 Ways IoT Sensors Can Improve Fleet Performance

In addition to GPS tracking and route optimization, there are many other ways IoT-connected sensors can help improve fleet performance.
Stock photo showing a calculator and a pen sitting on a piece of paper marked with a grid.

Trucking Cost per Mile Calculator: Free Spreadsheet

As a delivery business, it's crucial to know what your costs per mile are. Here's some guidance and a free calculator to help you manage your costs.