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Everything you need to know about route planning and route optimization with tips and tricks to increase the efficiency of your fleet.

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A desk covered with piles of printed delivery notes, hand-sorted and ordered to create delivery routes. Overlay text says “Yes, there is a better way to schedule your deliveries!”

Best Delivery Scheduling Software in 2023

Discover best delivery scheduling software in 2023 for efficient route planning, driver dispatch, real-time tracking, and customer communication.
A young delivery driver sits in the cab of his truck, holding a small parcel in one hand while checking an ipad in the other.

6 Best Mobile Apps For Delivery Routes In 2023

We tested the most popular mobile route planning apps for delivery drivers and identified the top 6.
Photograph of a small brown cardboard box with a delivery sticker, being handed from one person to another. Only their hands and forearms are visible.

How to use Mapquest Route Planner For Deliveries

Mapquest Route Planner can help small home delivery businesses optimize their delivery schedules. Here's how you can make the most of this tool.
Stylized illustration of inefficient vs efficiently optimized route.

Route Planning Vs Route Optimization: What’s The Difference?

Route optimization takes a route plan and makes it shorter and more efficient. It's about reducing drive time and distance, cutting fuel bills and reducing emissions.
Simple illustration of a stylized road with route markers along it. Text reads "How to plan a route with multiple stops in Google Maps".

How To Route With Multiple Stops On Google Maps

Step-by-step tutorial on how to use Google Maps to plan a multi-stop route up to 10 stops.
Graphic with the logos of Onfleet, Routific, Tookan and Bringg.

Onfleet Competitors: 4 Alternatives Compared

You’ve probably realized there are a ton of Onfleet competitors out there. Who are they, and how does Onfleet compare?
Side view of an open laptop with a cup of coffee in the background. A woman is touching the keyboard with one hand and holding a phone in the other. Only her hands are visible.

What Is GPS Tracking? 5 Common Questions Answered

Many elements make up modern-day GPS, and understanding each element can help you get the most out of this useful business tool.
Photograph of a young woman with a clipboard. In the background is a red brick wall.

Why Your Delivery Business Needs Route Optimization

Letting an algorithm do the heavy lifting doesn’t just give you better performance—it gives you peace of mind that your drivers are on the right path.
PIcture of the starting line on an athletics track, taken from close to the ground. The numbers 3 2 1 are painted in the three lanes we can see. In the background is short grass.

Make Your Route Optimization Strategy 10X More Efficient

Increased efficiency is the outcome that will drive your business forward. Discover how to make your route optimization strategy more efficient!