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Four bowls of yoghurt topped with fruit and granola sit on a rough-textured wooden table alongside spoons, a knife and a round sticker with the Terra Firma Farm logo. The photograph is taken from directly above.

How One Small Farm Scaled Deliveries To 1,000 A Month

Brie Casadei talks about using Routific to grow her delivery business from 80 deliveries a month to nearly 1000, while staying connected to her customers.
Stock photograph of a pile of fresh produce. A woman's hands in gardening gloves appear to be placing an onion on the pile. Also visible are tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cabbage and potatoes.

COVID-19 Bolsters Support For Local Food Systems

The local food movement is undergoing a renaissance thanks to COVID-19, with local farms, producers, and CSAs seeing a significant uptick in demand.
Photograph of a row of beer taps.

Building Profitable Deliveries In A Pandemic

We’ve been working with 100+ craft breweries, helping them pivot their operation to start up or scale up home delivery. Find out how we've done it here.
A masked woman sitting in the driver's seat of a car, looking at a cellphone screen showing details of a delivery stop.

Delivering Thanksgiving With The LeBron James Family Foundation

The LeBron James Family Foundation used Routific to deliver turkeys and everything needed for a hearty Thanksgiving feast to 4,500+ students and families.
Close-up shot of a basket of vegetables. It contains corn, squash, carrots and zucchini.

Helping Farmers And Food Hubs With Deliveries

Local Food Marketplace has partnered with Routific. Learn how the two platforms help farms and food hubs grow their online sales profitably.
Photograph of a smiling, short-haired woman wearing glasses and a floral shirt. She is standing outside a building with the words "The Hill Station" over the entrance.

Feeding The Hill With Optimized Home Deliveries

Feed the Hill was a small initiative to deliver meal-boxes. It's grown quite a bit, thanks to Routific and the ability to optimize home deliveries.
Photograph of a young woman at her front door signing to accept a parcel from a delivery man.

Route Planning Tips For Small Businesses

Tips for better deliveries, from small businesses who've been there.
Close up photograph of a man's hands on a keyboard.

Veteran Delivery Drivers Listen To Routing Algorithms

An interview with Peter Levitt, owner and general manager of Autoshred on how his team of veteran delivery drivers are using routing algorithms.