Delight Your Customers With SMS Notifications - Now Available in Routific

March 28, 2019

You can now automatically send notifications to your customers to let them know when to expect a delivery, when it’s on its way, and when it’s been delivered

One of the hardest parts of operating a delivery business is coordinating with a long list of customers. 

We’re excited to announce that you can now trust Routific to automatically communicate ETAs to grateful customers.

Introducing Customer Notifications!

Automatically send notifications to let your customers know when to expect a delivery, when it’s on its way, and when it’s been completed. Even update your customers when there’s an unexpected change to their delivery time window.

  • Automatically send SMS notifications (email is also available)
  • Keep your customers happy with timely and proactive communication
  • Optimize your customer service by reducing the time you spend communicating with each customer individually
  • Make deliveries easier for your drivers by letting your customers know precisely when they need to be available to accept their delivery 


 You can find customer notifications in the menu at the top-left.


 Customize your SMS or email notifications to fit your business.


 Once you’ve dispatched, your customers will automatically receive notifications based on the toggle buttons you’ve turned on, so make sure you double-check your settings! 

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