Delivery Businesses: Route Optimization vs Google Maps

October 3, 2019
google map route optimization

Navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps are the tools of choice when it comes to getting turn-by-turn directions from one place to another. But what happens when you need to plan an efficient route with multiple destinations?

Say you’ve got 10, 20 or 100 places to go in a day. Google Maps won’t be able to tell you the shortest, most optimal path to all those places. It will simply route you based on the order in which you entered those addresses.

If you’re running a delivery operation, there are probably a number of other factors that are absolutely crucial to your business:

  1. Time windows: You have deliveries that need to be made within a certain time period.
  2. Driver shifts times and start/end locations: You have multiple drivers who hit the road at different times of the day, and some drivers might start and end their day at different locations.
  3. Vehicle loads: How much can each delivery vehicle carry? Capacity constraints could affect where your vehicles go and when.

While navigation apps can’t help you here, a smart route optimization solution can. A route optimization solution can take care of all these factors (and more) and come up with the most efficient route for your drivers.

Route optimization solutions have been proven to find 20 to 40% shorter routes, resulting in lower fuel costs and allowing business owners the opportunity to serve more customers in less time.

The routing problem is essentially a really complicated mathematical problem. Trying to solve it manually — with a pen and paper, with excel spreadsheets, or with a human dispatcher — just doesn’t make any sense.

Without a route optimization solution, you’re most likely wasting a lot of time planning routes manually. Are you eyeballing a map and just going with your gut? Are you arbitrarily splitting up the city in zones to make it easier on yourself or your route planner?

Have you ever thought that there might be an easier, faster and more efficient way of planning your delivery routes?

route optimization vs. google maps - what's the difference?


Suzanne Ma

Written by Suzanne Ma

Suzanne Ma is co-founder at Routific, a delivery management and route optimization solution that helps local food businesses scale up home delivery operations.