How my startup is helping to Green the Planet

April 18, 2018
forest and green startup

I’m co-founder of a fun and purpose-driven startup. Our mission? To reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

I’ve always tried my best, as an individual, to do what’s right for the planet. I recycle and compost all that I can. I walk, bike, and transit to work. I use biodegradable products whenever possible. And I plant wildflowers to attract honey bees.

I feel good about my little contributions, but I’ve always known it wasn’t really enough to move the needle.

The Power of Software

I still think individual contributions are important. (Keep composting and biking to work, please!) But what if there was a way to empower hundreds of others to be green?

I always thought such a movement would come through education or some viral PR campaign. But in the last few years, I have come to acknowledge the awesome power of software-as-a-service (known as SaaS).

We now have hundreds of businesses around the world using our software. Each time a new business signs up, we will talk to them about the savings and benefits they’ll reap with delivery management software. The software does a lot, but ultimately it was designed to help delivery businesses operate more efficiently; in some cases taking vans off the road.

Every month, entrepreneurs write in telling us how much our software has helped them scale. Some say they wouldn’t be able to operate without our services. It feels good to support small business owners.

And then once every few years, I’ll dig into the data and crunch some numbers. And that’s when I start to see the huge impact my startup is having on the planet:

In 2017 alone, we optimized 2.3 million routes for delivery businesses in 101 cities around the world. People often ask me what motivates me to go to work every day. See the following infographic I put together. The answer is below.

routific 2017 results