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Delivery Experience

Photograph of a contemporary office environment: open plant, long white desks, lots of plants. People are seated working at computers. The photo is taken from a high angle, probably by someone standing on one of the desks.

The Next Phase For Struggling On-Demand Startups

The on-demand business model is a bust. A new generation of delivery businesses are adopting a scheduled approach and vying for a chance to be profitable.
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Photograph of a man holding a large, flat Amazon delivery box under his arm. The photograph is taken from the side and tightly cropped so that only his hand and forearm visible.

How Can I Deliver a Better Experience Than Amazon Prime?

Amazon is undoubtedly setting the bar very high in the home delivery industry. As a business owner, I can empathize that this can be is a very scary thing.
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Photograph of a bearded delivery truck driver in a dark blue beanie, taken from the passenger seat of the truck. One hand is on the steering wheel and he's consulting a mobile phone held in the other hand.

How To Retain Delivery Drivers

The cost of employee turnover — just to replace them — can cost somewhere between 16% to 20% of their annual salaries.
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How To Offer Convenient Delivery Time Windows

Discover how to offer convenient delivery time windows to your customers without upsetting your drivers.
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Image of a bento box containing brown rice, chickpeas and vegetable curry. It's garnished with avocado slices and a quartered lemon.

Food Delivery Logistics: Starting A Delivery Business

When it comes to food delivery, your operations can make or break your business. Discover the logistics of a profitable food delivery business model.
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Close-up photograph of an iPhone in a woman's hands.

Delight Your Customers With SMS Notifications

Automatically send notifications to your customers to let them know when to expect a delivery, when it’s on its way, and when it’s been delivered.
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Fleet Maintenance Is Critical For Your Delivery Business

Small delivery businesses depend on vehicles to transport goods to their final destination. How do you ensure your delivery fleet is operating at 100%?
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Photograph of a display screen inside a vehicle, showing route navigation details.

The Best GPS Apps For Delivery Drivers In 2021

Businesses that deliver packages need the right tools for their drivers while en route. Here's a review of the most popular delivery driver apps.
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Shot of a man in a white shirt tapping on a cellphone screen. Only his torso and arms are visible.

How Automated Notifications Can Improve Your Deliveries

Automated delivery notifications serve a number of purposes for small businesses. Here are some of the biggest reasons why our customers use this feature
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A delivery driver stands outside his vehicle holding a large cardboard box. He is wearing a mask and gloves.

What Is No Contact Delivery?

The demand for no contact delivery has increased. How do home delivery businesses execute no contact delivery successfully?
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Aerial view of a cloverleaf intersection.

A Beginner’s Guide To Vehicle Fleet Management

Taking the time to organize and manage your vehicle fleet operations and follow some best practices is easier than you think. Let us show you how!
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A young man holding a cup looks at an open laptop screen. His expression is happy and excited.

How To Improve Your Last Mile Delivery Tracking

What is last mile delivery tracking? We break down the components needed to improve delivery tracking for your home delivery business.
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Stock photograph. In the foreground, a woman's hand holds up a cellphone with the words "Online Grocery" visible on the screen. In the blurred background, a man in a motorcycle helmet and jacket holds an open cardboard box full of fresh produce.

How Home Deliveries Change The Online Shopping Experience

The pandemic has spawned innovation in the world of e-commerce and transportation. Here’s what you can expect to see more of in 2021.
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A smiling man and woman are facing each other. She is holding a small cardboard box with a thick envelope on top. He has one hand on the envelope and another touching the box. The implication is that he is in the process of handing over the packages.

What Makes A Great Delivery Experience?

Gain a competitive edge by taking your order fulfillment and delivery in-house. Here’s what you need to make a great delivery experience for your business.
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Screenshot of the first slide of a presentation by Marc Kuo, with his photograph and an inset Zoom speaker frame at the top left. The text says "Welcome! Grow your online sales with a 5-star delivery experience".

Grow Your Online Sales With A 5-Star Delivery Experience

Routific presented at Barn2Door's DIRECT Conference. We shared some best practices for growing sales with a 5-star delivery experience. Here they are.
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A man in a mask and apron is placing a stack of plain brown takeout food boxes and a sealed cup into a square delivery container. The container is being held by another man wearing a red and black jacket. Stock photograph.

Three Pandemic Trends That Are Here To Stay

While the pandemic has presented some of the biggest challenges food businesses have ever faced, it’s also introduced new market trends. Here are 3.
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View from the rear drivers-side corner of a white delivery van parked on a suburban street. A man in jeans, puffer jacket, baseball cap and mask is carrying a brown paper bag and looking across the front of the vehicle towards a house.

How To Improve Pickup And Delivery For Your Customers

Effective order pick up and delivery operations make for happy customers and a healthy bottom line. Learn how to improve yours and reap the benefits.
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Simple illustration showing logos of apps reviewed in this post: MapQuest,, TruckRouter, RouteXL, SpeedyRoute, RAC Route Planner and Google Maps.

Best Free Route Planners With Unlimited Stops in 2022

What is the best free route planning software with unlimited stops? We review the leading apps and make recommendations for different needs.
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Graphic with the logos of Onfleet, Routific, Tookan and Bringg.

Onfleet Competitors: 4 Alternatives Compared

You’ve probably realized there are a ton of Onfleet competitors out there. Who are they, and how does Onfleet compare?
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