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Route Optimization

Map of a Pokemon Go collection route around San Francisco.

The Fastest Way To Catch Pokémon: With Route Optimization

We’ve come up with the fastest, most efficient way to start your Pokémon collection.
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Simple illustration of a stylized road with route markers along it. Text reads "How to plan a route with multiple stops in Google Maps".

How To Use Google Maps As A Route Planner

How to use Google Maps as a route planner for up to 10 stops, and Google My Maps to plan longer routes.
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Photograph of taxis on a New York street.

Taxi Dispatch Algorithms: Why Route Optimization Reigns

Recently, I encountered an irresistible coding challenge put out by Local Motion: it’s a realistic simulation of the taxi dispatch problem. Find out more!
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Photograph of a man in a Fedex uniform carrying a stack of boxes. In the background is a branded FedEx Ground delivery truck.

How Do Couriers Like FedEx Plan Their Routes?

FedEx delivers 3.4 million packages in the U.S. every single day . Let's see what we can learn when it comes to managing home delivery logistics.
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Photograph of a young woman with a clipboard. In the background is a red brick wall.

Why Your Delivery Business Needs Route Optimization

Letting an algorithm do the heavy lifting doesn’t just give you better performance—it gives you peace of mind that your drivers are on the right path.
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PIcture of the starting line on an athletics track, taken from close to the ground. The numbers 3 2 1 are painted in the three lanes we can see. In the background is short grass.

Make Your Route Optimization Strategy 10X More Efficient

Increased efficiency is the outcome that will drive your business forward. Discover how to make your route optimization strategy more efficient!
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Illustration showing a black model car sitting on a terrain map of northern Europe.

Solving The Travelling Salesman Problem For Deliveries

Traveling Salesman Problem is the challenge of finding the shortest yet most efficient route for a person to take given a list of specific destinations.
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Photograph of a small brown cardboard box with a delivery sticker, being handed from one person to another. Only their hands and forearms are visible.

Mapquest Route Planner For Deliveries

Mapquest Route Planner can help small home delivery businesses optimize their delivery schedules. Here's how you can make the most of this tool.
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Side view of an open laptop with a cup of coffee in the background. A woman is touching the keyboard with one hand and holding a phone in the other. Only her hands are visible.

What Is GPS Tracking? 5 Common Questions Answered

Many elements make up modern-day GPS, and understanding each element can help you get the most out of this useful business tool.
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A man wearing a red T-shirt with the word "Delivery" across the front stands at the open door of a van. He is holding a small package and looking at his watch.

What Is The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)?

The Vehicle Routing Problem is everywhere, and solving it is critical in helping to facilitate the movement of goods and services through local delivery.
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Screenshot of a Google Maps page highlighting the city of Chicago.

How To Optimize Delivery Routes With Google Maps

Learn how to plan and optimize your routes for multiple stops with Google Maps. And when you should use an alternative. Find out more!
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Simple illustration. A few lines of a spreadsheet are shown in the backround. In the foreground is a photograph of a novelty mug with the words "I hate spreadsheets".

3 Ways To Plan A Delivery Route With Excel

A practical guide to planning delivery routes using excel. Use spreadsheets to create driver territories or upload to route optimization software.
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Graph ranking different route planning apps according to their Capterra rating (vertical axis) and route efficiency (horizontal axis).

Best Delivery Route Planner Apps in 2022: Review

We’ve done the hard work and reviewed the best delivery route planning software available in 2022 to help you find the right fit for your business.
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Simple illustration showing three looped routes converging at a single centre point. The image is largely decorative.

What Is Route Optimization?

Route optimization is not just finding the shortest distance between two points. Find out what route optimization is, who can benefit and what to look for.
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Simple illustration showing a delivery truck and the words "Google Maps Route Planner for Deliveries".

Google Maps Route Planner For Deliveries

How to use Google Maps Route Planner to plan delivery routes—and ideas for what to do when your business needs more.
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