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A delivery driver stands outside his vehicle holding a large cardboard box. He is wearing a mask and gloves.

What Is No Contact Delivery?

The peak of the pandemic may be over, but demand for no contact delivery isn't going away. Here's how home delivery businesses can implement it successfully.
Rear view of a delivery fan filled with cardboard boxes, and some crates of fresh produce.

Effective Delivery Scheduling For Local Businesses: The Easy Guide

Don't let poor delivery scheduling ruin your business! Learn how route planning software can help you deliver on time, make your customers happy and cut your costs.
Q&A with Routific's Customer Support Lead

How Routific Maintains 98% Customer Satisfaction

Routific’s Customer Support Lead, Sophie Ellis, shares how the team keeps customers happy
A desk covered with piles of printed delivery notes, hand-sorted and ordered to create delivery routes. Overlay text says “Yes, there is a better way to schedule your deliveries!”

Best Delivery Scheduling Software in 2023

Discover best delivery scheduling software in 2023 for efficient route planning, driver dispatch, real-time tracking, and customer communication.
A young delivery driver sits in the cab of his truck, holding a small parcel in one hand while checking an ipad in the other.

6 Best Mobile Apps For Delivery Routes In 2023

We tested the most popular mobile route planning apps for delivery drivers and identified the top 6.
A young delivery driver checks packages in his van.

Packing Slips: A Complete Guide for Delivery Businesses

A brief guide to packing lists, when and why local delivery companies should use them, and what they should include.
A delivery driver stands by the open door of his van, holding a plastic crate full of fruits and vegetables.

4 Best Practices For Local Grocery Delivery In 2023

The most important trends in local grocery delivery for 2023 – and how to get on top of them.
A dark-skinned man dressed in a red polo shirt and trousers stands beside a white van with the words “Delivery. Always on time” written on the side. His arms are crossed and he is smiling slightly. Image credit: RODNAE Productions

What is Delivery Management? A Guide to the 6 Pillars

Delivery management is the art and science of getting things where they need to be, when they need to be there. Discover the six pillars of delivery management, and how to choose delivery management software.
A mechanic uses a flashlight to inspect the engine of a delivery vehicle.

5 Reasons Why Delivery Vehicle Maintenance Needs To Be Part Of Logistics Management

Proper vehicle maintenance is critical to the health of any delivery business. Here's why -- and how to make it easier.