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Everything you need to know about route planning and route optimization with tips and tricks to increase the efficiency of your fleet.

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Illustration. A man with a magnifying glass considers a vertical display featuring stylized logos of different route planning apps.

Best Route Planning Software In 2023: Review

Looking for the best delivery route planner app or route optimization software? We’ve reviewed the top apps for different business needs.
Google Maps Route Planner for Deliveries title image. A delivery truck on a route to perform deliveries, powered by Routific.

Google Maps Route Planner For Deliveries

Detailed, step by step tutorial on how to use Google Maps route planner to plan delivery routes—and what to do when your business needs more.
Illustration. A man in "thinking" pose surrounded by stylized logos of different route planning apps.

7 Best Free Route Planners With Unlimited Stops in 2023

We tested a few dozen free route planner apps ourselves, using a real-world data set. Here's our top 7, with a detailed comparison on each.
Illustration. A woman sits in front of a large computer screen showing a stylized representation of optimized routes.

What Is Route Optimization?

In logistics and delivery, route optimization is finding the shortest route for visiting many destinations, while meeting business needs and constraints.
A man wearing a red T-shirt with the word "Delivery" across the front stands at the open door of a van. He is holding a small package and looking at his watch.

Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem (2023)

The Vehicle Routing Problem is everywhere, and solving it is critical in helping to facilitate the movement of goods and services through local delivery.
Image of optimizing delivery routes on Google Maps.

How To Optimize Delivery Routes With Google Maps

Learn how to plan and optimize your routes for multiple stops with Google Maps. And when you should use an alternative. Find out more!
Illustration of an excel spreadsheet going into Google Maps to plan delivery routes manually.

3 Ways To Plan A Delivery Route With Excel

A practical guide to planning delivery routes using Excel or Google Sheets. Use spreadsheets alone, or combine with Google Maps or route planning software.
Illustration showing a black model car sitting on a terrain map of northern Europe.

Solving The Traveling Salesman Problem For Deliveries

The Traveling Salesman Problem is the challenge of finding the shortest, most efficient route around a list of specific destinations.
Rear view of a delivery fan filled with cardboard boxes, and some crates of fresh produce.

Effective Delivery Scheduling For Local Businesses: The Easy Guide

Don't let poor delivery scheduling ruin your business! Learn how route planning software can help you deliver on time, make your customers happy and cut your costs.