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Photograph of the Routific team at a picnic and volleyball day in Vancouver. A "Great Places to Work" logo is overlaid.

Routific Is Officially A Great Place To Work

Routific has been certified as one of Canada's Great Places to Work, with a whopping 98% trust index score.
Routific founder Marc Kuo makes some notes on a whiteboard.

The Innovators: Routific Finds Its Way Around The Pandemic

With its promise to optimize delivery of goods, the Vancouver software company's customer base more than doubled in the months after COVID-19 hit
Decorative graphic showing app icons.

2020 Features Summary

Our favorite feature releases from 2020. Everything from a Shopify integration, a new driver app, and photo capture as proof-of-delivery.
Graphic with the words "New Routific Driver's App" and two iPhone screenshots. One shows a mapped route, another shows a list of delivery stops.

Routific Launches New Driver App

Two of the most requested features from our customers has been Live GPS tracking for drivers and photo capture as proof of delivery. We heard you.
Simple illustration showing a group of people sitting around a conference table.

How To Run Efficient Meetings

The top six things we do at Routific to keep our meetings efficient and useful.
Decorative photograph showing field of tulips in multiple colours, with three windmills in the background.

The Efficient Startup

Your team is your company’s most crucial asset. Every investor will tell you this. The first thing they look for is a solid team. Find out more!
Illustration showing an open Macbook on a wooden table. The background is blurred out but it appears to show chalk markings on an old-fashioned blackboard.

Interviewing With A Tech Startup: Advice for PhDs

Advice for PhDs who want to work in tech startups.
Screenshot of a Hacker News dashboard page. The number of visits jumps from 0 on March 27 to around 3,000 each on March 28 and 29, before slowly tailing off.

What 61 Points On Hacker News Did For My Startup

Hacker News is not just a sinkhole for your morning’s productivity. I discovered it is a great platform to launch your startup.